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scope of delivery

Full Package

- Pair of Healyan Glasses

- Healyan App Membership

- Portable Charging Case

- USB-C Charger

- Packaging & Instruction Manual

frequently asked questions

Q: Is delivery included in the price of the products?
A: Absolutely! We are pleased to offer free delivery for all our products. This means the price you see listed for each item already includes the cost of shipping – there are no hidden fees or additional charges. Our free delivery service is part of our commitment to providing you with a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

Q: Can you tell me more about the two-week free trial offer?
A: We're excited to offer a two-week free trial of our Healyan Glasses, coupled with full access to the Healyan app. This trial is designed to let you experience the full benefits of our product.

End of Trial Options: As your two-week trial comes to an end, you have two choices:

Option 1 - Continue and Subscribe: If you love the Healyan Glasses and want to keep using them, you don't need to do anything! At the end of the trial, you will be automatically enrolled in our 12-month plan at a cost of $180, billed annually.

Option 2 - Cancel and Return: Not a perfect fit? No problem. You can cancel the service by the end of the trial period and return the Healyan Glasses. We'll provide you with all the details on how to return them safely and easily. Remember, you need to cancel and send back the glasses by the end of the two-week trial to avoid being charged.

Presale Information

Receive an exclusive 60$/year discount by purchasing a Healyan gift card today. With the Healyan gift card you will be first priority to receive your HEALYAN Glasses, Charging Case, and App Subscription, worth in a gift card. You will be notified one week before the glasses are available to general public. You can, of course, use the gift card at any time later on in our web store, but delivery times could be extended again. If we cannot provide the glasses before June 30, 2024, we will refund the full amount of the gift card. Of course, you also have your 14-day legal right of withdrawal, both when purchasing the gift card and when redeeming it later.

All legal details and information can be found in our terms and conditions including voucher conditions (§ 3) and cancellation policy (§ 5).