The Science of Healyan

Light, like sound, has a direct impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. It has the power to affect our sleep, mood, comprehension, concentration levels, blood pressure, and more.

Healyan combines the precision of university-led scientific research in light and combines it with cutting-edge technology. Our team, consisting of top-tier scientists and researchers, have created real-time, personalized light sequences designed to help you sleep, focus and relax.

Healyan is informed by science, created with science, and backed by science.

  • Algorithm-Powered

    Leverage an algorithm-powered engine that analyzes smartphone audio data in real-time, adapting it to smooth light sequences in the glasses.

  • Photostimulation

    Utilize advanced photostimulation technology designed to precisely stimulate neural pathways in the mind, thereby enhancing cognitive functions and mental well-being.

  • Broad-Spectrum Light

    Harness broad-spectrum light that closely mimics natural sunlight, designed to regulate the body's circadian rhythms, improve mood, and boost energy levels.

  • Circadian Rhythms

    Your biological clock is in tune with nature’s organic rhythms and cycles. Healyan complements these to improve how you feel – night and day.

  • Top Experts

    We’ve collaborated with leading sleep scientists to organize light stimulated soundscapes that naturally facilitate restful slumber.

  • Neuroscience backed

    Brainwave studies show that light stimulation provides the fastest, most consistent focus through audio integration.

Healyan Growth: Progress Report

  • Personalized Benefit Reports

    The Healyan app's progress report synthesizes data from the glasses, analyzing usage patterns, performance metrics, and user interactions to provide the best and more comprehensive overview of your growth in sleep, focus, and stress.

Healyan Now: Our core technology

  • Real-time light & sound adaption

    Healyan Now is the technology that powers both our Healyan App and Glasses. It analyzes any audio or soundscape data input, like from Spotify, Youtube, Apple music, and more, and carefully transforms it into personalized light sequences. This happens on the fly, reacts to changes, and allows Healyan to sync a benefit with a soundscape.*

  • 68%

    increase in HRV, leading

    to stress resilience

  • 90%

    increase in focus and


  • 15%

    increase in problem solving skills

  • +60

    more minutes of

    sleep at night

*Read on optic studies>

** This collection of 3rd party studies employ diverse experimental methods to explore the multifaceted impacts of both stroboscopic and continuous visual training on physical and mental performances across different populations.

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