Our Progress

In 2023 Healyan received the Innovation Cluster finale award, ranking it as one of the top startups in Europe.

Who created Healyan?

Healyan is a audiovisual wellness company that originated from the research of University of California, Berkeley. Founded by a collective of imaginative engineers, artists and neuroscientists, Healyan applies decades of scientific research in light and sound frequencies to maximize mental performance.

What makes Healyan unique?

Healyan runs a patent-pending platform of light syncing glasses, an algorithm-powered app, and ecosystem of audio apps to create personalized, functional sequences to help people sleep, focus and relax. By fusing science, art, and technology we bring control back into our lives.

What's the problem?

Neurological issues are skyrocketing. In the last three decades, there has been 18% uptick in neurodegenerative and psychological issues. There has been extensive research, covering everything from medicine, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to solve such issues. Yet despite all efforts, effective usable solutions have been limited.

What causes the problem?

It boils down to our biology. Our mental anatomy begins to peak in its late 30's, then plateaus and declines afterwards. Unhealthy conditions worsen the acceleration, further compromising the minds relationship with the nervous system. This has scaled very common day-to-day issues, worsening insomnia, focus, stress, cognition, and memory within younger populations as well as long-term mental disorders like Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Multiple Sclerosis.

What's the solution?

We need new technology to help our bodies and brains adapt to the new world. By applying key research and technologies, we've developed the most sophisticated ecosystem that not only maintains but exceeds personal development. The earlier these solutions are integrated, the more effective they become.

Who's Healyan for?

Healyan are for those who pioneer their physical mental performance.

Investors and Partners

Gleb Yushin

Co-Founder & CTO of Sila Nanotechnologies

Thomas Caspari

Co-Founder of VIA Laser, CTO of Karl Pfestorf

Fraunhofer IDMT

Research institute for AI and audio intelligence


Prototype center for research and development


Top accelerator program in Europe