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  • “The innovative glasses promote mental and neurological health…comfortable and versatile.”

  • “Healyan Glasses make stress reduction, relaxation, meditation, sleep and focus easier than ever before…all while enjoying your favorite music.”

  • “A very special pair of glasses… can alleviate various ailments and illnesses.”

  • “They have developed a product suitable for everyday use... in the entertainment sector, but also for light therapy solutions in medicine.”

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    Soothes your thoughts for

    a sense of comfort and security.

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    Enhances your productivity

    by increased concentration time.

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    Lulls you into a deep sleep

    with delicate, soothing lights.

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Founded by neuroscientists, artists, and engineers, Healyan's patent pending technology creates soothing light sequences that adapt in real-time to soundscapes. Neuroscience studies shows light stimulation improves cognition, focus, sleep and lower stress.

  • 76%

    reduction in the decline

    of memory cognition

  • 90%

    development in focus

    and concentration

  • 20

    minutes faster to

    fall asleep

  • 73%

    improvement in

    stress resilience

*Read on optic studies >

** This collection of 3rd party studies employ diverse experimental methods to explore the multifaceted impacts of both stroboscopic and continuous visual training on physical and mental performances across different populations.

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Get Healyan

Experience Healyan

1. Connect glasses to the Healyan App

2. Set desired benefit - focus, sleep, relax

3. Light up a soundscape for 5+ minutes

4. Take glasses off and enjoy the benefits

"Audiovisual application is by far one of the most effective outside tools to building a more resilient nervous system and mind function. Healyan has been one of the most striking innovator's in this field. I highly recommend them."

- Dr. Davin Wasserstein, leader in applied neuromodulation

Take a nice break and relax

Calm your mind with happy feelings and peaceful rest. Zone out, recharge and take control of your stress.


Fall into a sleepy slumber

Get tired, relaxed, and comfy as you experience the best sleep of your life. Allow your hectic thoughts evaporate as you wake up refreshed and well rested.


Find your focus and consistency

Receive a quick boost of energy to focus more efficiently. Scale your concentration and productivity.


Become organized with personalized feedback

Track your growth with Healyan's customized report. Witness in real-time the varied themes of growth your experiencing and receive additional soundscape recommendations.

  • Focus & Exercise


    “Healyan has revolutionized my work and athletic routines, enhancing focus during intense analytical tasks and accelerating recovery after rigorous training sessions.”

    Operations Analyst, Athlete

  • Relaxed & Grounded


    "As an actress grappling with stress and anxiety, Healyan has been a game changer, providing me with a sense of calm that's essential for my demanding career.”

    Actress, Dancer

  • Sleep & Refreshed


    “Since using Healyan, my sleep quality has improved dramatically, allowing me to wake up refreshed and better serve my clients with renewed energy and focus.”

    Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist

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  • CiS

    We've partnered with CiS to seamlessly integrate Healyan's science-backed lights & soundscapes with A - grade materials and manufacturing to produce the highest quality Healyan Glasses and App experience.

  • FTVT

    FTVT and the Thuringian Ministry of Economics and Science announced a joint fund and #1 distribution award to Healyan's top research projects in standarized relaxation, sleep, and focus.


    Offered only to the most innovative startups in Europe, IQ Innovationspreis awards Healyan the Innovation Cluster finale prize for expanded scientific research in soothing stress relief.