Thuringian "get started 2gether" competition

Healyan GmbH won a research and development grant at the "get started 2gether" competition in 2023 to bring our product to market. Together with CiS - Center for Intelligent Sensor Technology - we ensure maximum durability and reliability and at the same time scale our production.

Fraunhofer IDMT

We partnered with Fraunhofer IDMT Institute to bring you the most entertaining automated light sequences while keeping them effective and customizable to your needs. Get creative and share your sequences with others so they can have the same experience.

CiS Research Institute for Microsensors GmbH

From the beginning of our product development, we worked together with the experts from CiS to miniaturize our technology. By using their facilities and tools, we were able to ensure the highest quality and safety standards for our product right from the start. CiS

Local Manufacturing

We keep our supply chains very short due to the location of our production in the middle of Germany. In this way we minimize our CO2 footprint during transport and ensure the highest quality standards. In this way we also help to preserve jobs in a region where most companies are family-owned and real hidden champions enable innovations on a larger scale.

Eco-Friendly Materials

For our glasses and our case, we use plastics that consist of 80% plant-based polymers. In this way we further reduce the carbon footprint of our product.

Healyan is a member of the Bluetooth SIG

Together with Bluetooth SIG we ensure that our product is always up to date and can be used with the latest smartphones. Connect our glasses to your smartphone as easily as any other premium Bluetooth device.