1 Year Membership Giftcard

1 Year Membership Giftcard

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Receive an exclusive 60$/year discount by purchasing a Healyan gift card today. With the Healyan gift card you will be first priority to receive your HEALYAN Glasses, Charging Case, and App Subscription, worth in a gift card. You will be notified one week before the glasses are available to general public. You can, of course, use the gift card at any time later on in our web store, but delivery times could be extended again. If we cannot provide the glasses before June 30, 2024, we will refund the full amount of the gift card. Of course, you also have your 14-day legal right of withdrawal, both when purchasing the gift card and when redeeming it later.

All legal details and information can be found in our terms and conditions including voucher conditions (§ 3) and cancellation policy (§ 5).

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