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Is My Healyan Waterproof?

Healyan Glasses are resistant to fog and mist, otherwise directly submerging them in conducting liquids like water can compromise the device.

Healyan General Wash & Care Instructions 

We recommend keeping your Healyan Glasses clean and routinely practicing the proper maintenance and care.

Washing and Drying
  • While your Healyan Glasses can be washed with a slightly wet towel or wet wipes for glasses, do not wash any open metallic portions, as this might lead to unwanted corrosion.
  • Mainly wash the shades or prescription lenses inside your frame and the areas of the frame that touch your skin, like the inner side of the frame.
  • Avoid washing the LED lights.
Avoiding Skin Irritation and Dryness 
  • If you experience redness or skin irritation, keep the device a couple of days off.
  • If you have dry skin, consider using moisturizer on the area of the skin.

Where Should I Wear My Healyan Device? 

The Healyan Glasses should be placed on the face and ears, just like regular glasses. If your frame is equipped with shades or prescription lenses wear them in a situation where you require the glasses as visual aid. When you want to use the light effect of the Healyan Glasses, remember to adjust the brightness according to your surrounding light level and whether or not you want to keep your eyes opened or closed during the experience.

Because your stock Healyan Glasses are capable of shading automatically underneath direct sunlight, they can be worn anywhere, sitting at your desk, while driving in your car (Not recommended to be used, with the light effect enabled, only worn), and while walking outside.

What to do if your Healyan Glasses are not charging when placed inside their case?

Please try the following steps:

  • Check if your charging case battery is fully charged, by plugging it into a USB-C outlet of a wall adapter. Please us with the provided USB-C charging cable. When the case status LED lights up red, your case battery was empty and is now being charged up again. Place your glasses into the case after it is fully charged.
  • Please check if the lid of your charging case is closed when you try to charge it. The case will only activate the charging process of the Healyan Glasses when the case lid is closed. This ensures that your Glasses are always as safe as possible while they are charging.
  • Please turn OFF the Power Switch on the inside of the left temple of your Healyan Glasses before placing them into the charging case.
  • If the status LED on the front side of the charging case does not light up blue, after you have placed the glasses inside and closed the lid. Please check if your glasses are positioned correctly inside the case so the charging connector pins of the case are aligned with their corresponding counterparts on the left Glasses temple.
  • Please make sure to always close the temples of your Healyan Glasses in the intended way, so that the fit inside the charging case, do not push or exert excess fore onto the Glasses temples and if they are closed incorrectly, they might break if you do.