• Know your energy cycles, get recommendations, browse sequences, and more

  • Healyan creates endless, personalized light sequences to help you focus, relax, and sleep

  • Wake up relaxed and refreshed with Healyan's gradual-waking Morning Light

  • Sleep, by sleep researchers

    Healyan uses the science behind sleep, circadian rhythm, and psychophotology – working with top neuroscientists from UC Berkeley to create our light sequences.

  • How Healyan works

    Special light triggers train your mind to prepare for sleep. Masking lights and sounds will keep your thoughts clear and undisturbed before you lie down for a deep sleep.

A light & soundscape for every sleeper

Create a perfect light & sound environment for every part of sleep — from evening to morning, and afternoon naps. Enjoy six sleep-based playlists by Healyan with hundreds of soundscapes across channels like Youtube, Spotify, and more. Put on your Healyan Glasses and headphones, turn on the sleep setting on the Healyan app, and light up as many soundscapes as your mind desires.

  • Soothing Sleep

    Our classic light sequence promotes fast, deep, undisturbed sleep

  • Hibernation

    Nourish your senses with a cozy atmosphere for a cold-season slumber

  • Productivity Nap

    Take a short snooze to boost your mind and concentration

  • Wake Up Refreshed

    Stretch and shine with enough morning light to feel awake for the entire day

  • Memory Recovery

    Retain your knowledge from the day and apply it further

  • Fantasy

    Bring more color, excitement and wonder into your dreams

"Quality sleep depends on many factors, including the time it takes to fall asleep, the duration of sleep, the level of interruption, the speed of reaching REM sleep, and how refreshed you feel the next day. Healyan's light methodology has been very effective in addressing all these aspects. Kudos."

- Claire Dashiell, certified Clinical Sleep Psychologist

Sleep Report

Fall asleep faster, increase your sleep quality, and wake up feeling refreshed. Healyan measures all your sleep level themes, varied between light and soundscape data with lab-level accuracy. Keep yourself updated on your sleep quality and achieve insights on what your body and mind needs to excel.

Autolight Sleep

Autolight Sleep instantly synchronizes sleep inducing light from your Healyan Glasses to any soundscape, or from the dozens of readily made sleep playlists by Healyan. Whether it’s your morning productivity peak, or an early-evening time-out, Healyan supports you with Focus, Relax, or Sleep.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk-free! Return your Healyan Glasses within 30 days from the date of delivery.

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Join the light wellness revolution

Healyan is science-backed, but more importantly, it’s people-proven. Healyan users across the globe are super-powering their sleep with the power of light.

  • - Jake S.


    These glasses are a staple in my life now. I use it every night to fall asleep and again if I wake up in the middle of the night, instantly soothing and incredibly effective. The fact that it's also helpful during the day for relaxation and focus is a bonus. I've since stopped using other sleep aids, which has been great for my wallet. Highly recommend it to anyone seeking a multifunctional sleep and productivity aid

  • - Shyah Y.


    I'm not a big review person but the lights have done wonders to my stress levels. I wake up calm and stay relaxed throughout the day. It's incredibly versatile as it's helped me unwind at night and keep me productive with its focus settings during the day.

  • - Frieda A.


    As a "former insomniac" I can't praise Healyan enough. It's not just the music and lights that are impressive; it's the overall impact on my life. My sleep has improved significantly, and I feel more productive and calm during the day. It's also helped ease my ADHD symptoms, without medication, which has been really remarkable.

  • - Emily S.


    Okay so I toss and turn a lot while sleeping and these glasses have been an absolute lifesaver. Yesterday I fell asleep faster that I have in weeks after using it for like 5 minutes. And waking up felt SO GOOD. It's been an absolute game changer for my productivity and emotional wellbeing. I've recommended it to all my friends who struggle with sleep. Truly an amazing find!

  • - Trever B.


    TBH I was skeptical at first, but these glasses and app have been incredibly effective for my sleep issues and anxiety. Plus, the emotional relief of not dreading bedtime is priceless.

  • S. Ima


    My bedtime routine has been absolutely transformed. My thoughts are often racing at night which has been a big challenge. But the glasses did the trick on the first try. It felt like a warm blanket covered my thoughts. It's also really useful during the day to focus on work. The emotional and functional benefits have been beyond my expectations. Worth every penny for the membership!

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