• Know your energy cycles, get recommendations, browse soundscapes, and more.

  • Healyan creates endless, personalized light sequences to help you focus, relax, and sleep.

  • Use the Gamma Theme for bursts of to-do-list-clearing productivity.

  • Productivity plus science

    Healyan's light sequences are based on neuroscientific and psychovisual principles. The glasses uses real-time inputs, including your preferred soundscape data, to personalize the lights for maximum effect.

  • How Healyan works

    To focus and think more thoroughly, specialized light sequences clear any mind fog. Masking lights and sounds will recenter you into being more aware and relaxed before you tackle your task efficiently.

Infinite light sequences & soundscapes

Enjoy six focus-based playlists by Healyan with hundreds of soundscapes across channels like Youtube, Spotify, and more for optimal sleep, focus, and relaxation. Put on your Healyan Glasses and headphones, turn on the focus setting on the Healyan app, and light up as many soundscapes as your mind desires.

  • Problem Solving

    Be more thoughtful and efficient in your decision making process

  • Focus

    Helps you concentrate on tasks and keeps you in the flow

  • Deep Work

    Get into flow state and tackle

    your to-do list

  • Study

    Keep your cool and concentration with laid-back beats for learning

  • Create

    Get inspired and find your

    creative flow

  • Exercise & Recovery

    Motivate your body to perform and rejuvenate optimally

Focus Report

Build your organizational skills, with stronger decision making, and longer concentration. Healyan measures all your focus level themes, varied between light and soundscape data with lab-level accuracy. Keep yourself organized and updated on your focus quality and achieve insights on what your body and mind needs to excel.

Autolight Focus

Autolight Focus instantly synchronizes concentration inducing light from your Healyan Glasses to any soundscape, or from the dozens of readily made focus playlists by Healyan. Whether it’s your morning productivity peak, or an early-evening time-out, Healyan supports you with Focus, Relax, or Sleep.

Join the light wellness revolution

Healyan is science-backed, but more importantly, it’s people-proven. Healyan users across the globe are super-powering their focus with the power of light.

  • - Bradleh C.


    I've personally always struggled with maintaining focus, especially working from home. With the glasses not only has my productivity improved, but the sense of calm it brings is unmatched. It's like it knows exactly what my brain needs to zero in on tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

  • - Anna Y.


    As a biohacker I felt my efficiency increase to the absolute MAX. It's not just another app or stimuli, it's been a solid investment into my personal and professional growth. I feel more stimulated and distractions don't get my attention as much.

  • - Ashley H.


    Never thought I'd find a device that's both stress relieving and productive, I feel like I can work 8 hours straight now. The calmness is priceless and I feel more composed and emotionally resilient during hectic days. It's literally the best purchase I've made for my mental health and growth.

  • - Dima R.


    I've always been skeptical about stuff like this, but na. Going to work and working on tasks has been easy. I feel really focused and feel really good socially now. Like last last week I got a promotion to head oversight and it's because I feel more confident with my work buddies at hangouts.

  • Cecilia C.


    It's like I've unlocked new abilities. It feels amazing how it helps me stay calm and collected, and not just when I'm alone. I'm more focused during conversations and feel less anxious to speak out. Absolutely worth it.

  • Steven Z.


    Investing in this product was initially to see if I can focus better. However the unexpected benefit has been feeling amazing on a day to day basis. I feel more motivated and energetic. I feel encouraged to exercise and eat healthier, including socializing more and drinking less. Truly, it's paid dividends beyond just financial savings.